Unspeakable Times

Famous Crimes Overshadowed By Jack The Ripper

In 1888, the East End of Victorian London was terrorized by an unknown serial killer nicknamed Jack the Ripper. While Jack the Ripper is arguably the most notorious serial killer of the time period, there were many other crimes that were overlooked. 

Public and media (newspaper) attention almost entirely followed the crimes and victims of Jack the Ripper, leaving other cases with a lack of coverage. In many of these crimes, eyewitnesses were some of the few sources police could rely on outside of physical evidence for information. If the public was not notified of these crimes, they may not have come forward with potentially helpful information.

Much like in the case of Jack the Ripper, many of the mid- to late-1800s murder cases covered remain unsolved. This includes the West Ham Disappearances and the Thames Torso Murders, in which a number of victims were found near Whitechapel, the location of Jack the Ripper's crimes. However, a few of the perpetrators were found but faced different consequences, such as in the Bermondsey Horror and the Eltham Murder.