Unspeakable Times

Crimes Solved by a Tiny Shred of Evidence

A tiny shred of evidence can be all it takes to solve a horrible misdeed, whether it's a fingerprint, some threads, a few molecules of DNA, a random conversation, or something left behind that the culprit thinks has virtually no importance. These traces of evidence can be left by some mishap, out of sloppiness, or because there's no way to know that they could be used, and they've helped solve numerous slayings.

Sometimes, the shred of evidence leads to something else - or emerges out of nothing. Many cold cases have so little to go on that investigators have to get creative. Something as simple as a grain of pollen, or a witness from decades ago realizing a case was still open, can help sway a jury in complicated court cases - proving that when it comes to a crime scene, no detail is too small.

Here are some mysteries that were solved thanks to tiny pieces of evidence.