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Criminals Caught By Bragging About Their Crimes Online

Updated March 5, 2020 1.8m views11 items

More often than you'd think, people who commit crimes talk about them online. These criminals were caught on Facebook and other online outlets when police and/or concerned citizens saw what they had been up to in their free time.

What crimes do people post on Facebook? Just take a look and see.

  • A Man Used His Wanted Poster As His Profile Picture

    Police had an easy time tracking down Floridian Mack Yearwood, wanted in connection with an assault that took place over Labor Day weekend 2016, after he used his own wanted poster as his Facebook profile picture. Cops in Stuart, FL, north of Miami, used Yearwood's FB to track him to his brother's house, where he was arrested.

    Writing on the Stuart Police Department Facebook page, Cpl. Brian Bossio noted, "Facebook is a great way to communicate and connect with old friends and family... If you are wanted by the police, it's probably not a good idea to use the 'Wanted of the Week' poster of yourself as your profile pic." 

  • A Gang Leader Tweeted About Getting Away With Murder

    After prematurely tweeting that he "beat a body" (referring to the person he killed and the charges he evaded) in 2012, gang leader Ronald Herron posted a YouTube video of himself firing handguns and claiming that he was the head of a "Murder Team." Herron was arrested.

  • Two Gambling Machine Thieves Celebrated With Selfies

    Benjamin Robinson and Daniel Hutchinson stole thousands of British pounds from gambling machines, then took selfies with their haul. North Yorkshire Police originally found more than £3,000 in cash in Robinson and Hutchinson's car when they stopped it in Skipton, UK in June 2014. The men wore disguises during the act, but snapped pictures afterwards and posted them to social media.

  • A Bank Robber Recorded His Crime And Posted It On Instagram

    Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca held up a bank in Virginia Beach in 2015. He posted a picture of the note he passed a bank teller demanding the money. He also uploaded two videos he took while committing the crime, including one of the bank teller reading his note and another of the teller handing over the cash. He was picked up by police 20 minutes later.