18 Cringe Times Someone Told A Story That Left Us Wondering "Okay But Who Asked?"

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Some people are prone to giving too much information in their anecdotes, but these are some of the people that told stories that nobody asked for in the first place. From talking about their eating habits to how they parent their kids, here are some of the most cringe times people answered a question that left us wondering why would they feel the need to share that information at all. Enjoy!

  • 1. That's Nice

    That's Nice
    Photo: u/kakapoopoopeepeeshir / Reddit
    215 votes
  • 2. Very Cool

    Very Cool
    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
    205 votes
  • 3. All Those Phone For What

    All Those Phone For What
    Photo: u/LukaNo007 / Reddit
    157 votes
  • 4. Psycho

    Photo: u/timeforthepercolat0r / Reddit
    175 votes
  • 5. Oh Lawd

    Oh Lawd
    Photo: u/Psych0matt / Reddit
    166 votes
  • 6. Listen Champ

    Listen Champ
    Photo: u/Tobysmouse / Reddit
    130 votes