TV Shows That Are Funny, But Only When You Want To Cringe

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Horror and violence aren't the only ways to make a viewer uncomfortably squirm on their couch. Comedy can be even more brutal. Sometimes an incredibly cringey moment is more than enough to send a sensitive viewer hiding behind a pillow in a desperate attempt to escape the everyday nightmares unfolding onscreen.

The Brits are especially gifted at this kind of humiliation-based hijinks. The original British version of The Office is so painfully funny, it makes the American show look sunny by comparison. Stateside shows don't mess around, either; even an acclaimed drama like Succession can be a punishingly funny in its exquisite and horrible discomfort.

The comedy in these shows is so cringeworthy, it can require Herculean level of strength to get through certain scenes, even when they're hilarious funny. You've been warned.

Photo: Hello Ladies / HBO