The Most Cringeworthy WWE Moments of All Time 

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Pro wrestling, like most television shows, has had its share of creative highs and lows. With that said, it's no surprise that WWE is often seen as low-brow entertainment by many people in the mainstream media. There are a great number of infamous and embarrassing WWE storylines, characters, and moments. Despite the great matches and engaging angles, it can be difficult to explain your pro wrestling fandom to non-fans whenever some of the worst WWE storylines are brought up.

While there is no shame in being a pro wrestling fan, you have to admit that there is a lot of stuff that made you cringe, offended you, or just plain sucked. Take a look at some the most awful WWE storylines, uncomfortable moments, and characters that make you wince when merely thinking about them.
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In October of 2002, Kane was moving up the ranks and was challenging Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. Things were going well until Triple H accused Kane of murdering a woman named Katie Vick. Kane was distraught and fans were confused... because they didn't know who Katie Vick was.

Kane explained that years ago, he and his girlfriend Katie had a little bit too much to drink, he couldn't drive a stick shift very well, and that they got into a car accident. Kane was injured in the crash. Katie died. This is the part where I remind you that this was supposed to build to a world title match somehow.

Trips would continue to dig at Kane and eventually introduce a video where Triple H, dressed as Kane, was paying respects to a coffin with a dummy inside. The dummy was dressed as the (thankfully) fictional cheerleader, Katie Vick. In the middle of the sketch, Trips got into the coffin and proceeded simulate having sex with the dummy, implying that Kane raped Katie's corpse.

After "completion," Trips triumphantly declared to the Katie dummy that he "screwed your brains out" while holding a handful of brainy-looking meat. Kane would make sure Triple H would get his comeuppance and-- HA! Just kidding. Triple H kept the title, the feud ended, and everyone moved on as if this story never happened.
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As part of the build towards a Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon match at Wrestlemania X-7, Trish Stratus played Vince McMahon's trophy mistress as Vince tormented his wife by outwardly flaunting his infidelity in front of her. However, on an episode of RAW leading up to the big event, Vince had Trish bark like a dog and strip to her underwear on live television.

While WWE apologists claim that ultimately Trish got her revenge at Wrestlemania X-7, this went way too far. This is considered one of most uncomfortable, misogynistic segments on wrestling television, which says a lot given WWE's past track record regarding their depictions of women.

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As part of their ongoing feud with the Nation of Domination in 1998, the members of Degeneration X dressed up as members of the Nation complete in blackface. Poop jokes and sexual humor were abundant in the Attitude Era so that was to be expected, but even in 1998 everyone knew blackface and jive talk was not only insensitive, but outright racist.

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Mae Young Gives Birth to a Hand
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The Attitude Era is often looked upon fondly by wrestling fans, but there was a lot of weird, disgusting, nonsensical confusion too. One example was the story arc featuring the love between the powerlifter Mark Henry and the tough as nails geriatric wrestler Mae Young. While the relationship was odd and meant for gags, it was still strangely sweet. Then Mae got pregnant.

Mae Young's absurd pregnancy would end with her giving birth (live on RAW, naturally) to her love child with the World's Strongest Man. Was it a boy? Was it a girl? No, it was a HAND. Not even a human-sized hand. A cartoony hand covered in KY jelly and Nickelodeon Gak. Was it a sex toy that was stuck? Could Mae's body only be able to gestate an infant-sized hand? 

In a rare moment of continuity, WWE would follow up this moment years later by having Mae Young escort her grown-up child, a man in a hand costume, around backstage in the RAW 1000 special.

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