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25 Awkward Wedding Moments That Made Us Glad We Weren't Invited

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Weddings are great, but they can get awkward really fast. Redditor u/ajlposh asked "What’s the cringiest thing you’ve seen a bride and groom do for their wedding?" and the internet delivered. Vote up if the post is awkward!

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    "The Autotune Microphones Were A Terrible Idea"

    From Redditor u/loony-cat:

    They sang their vows to each other.

    Neither had a singing voice.

    Vows were generally bat sh*t wild, like submissive in the bedroom, and not asking about where she was going.

    The auto tune microphones were a terrible idea.

    Their vow songs shared a chorus and it was awful and they expected the guests to sing along with the chorus.

    The vows singing lasted 20 minutes.

    Pure cringe.

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    Who Wears Crowns?

    From Redditor u/MiceRekei:

    When I was 11 my cousin got married for the 3rd time. I never really liked her because A.) She was 37 when I was 11, we didn't have a lot in common and B.) She was pretty full of herself. The wedding itself was fine, pretty boring but fine. Then we get to the reception. We were told we had to sit down as soon as we got there, some people found it weird but I've only been to one other wedding before this (her other marriages were when I was little, no kids were allowed at her weddings) so I didn't think anything of it. The Bride and Groom then make a huge dramatic entrance and everyone awkwardly clapped for them as they strutted around the room with actual crowns on their heads. The Bride then gets the microphone and hands it to her mom and asks her to say something she loves about the bride. She then tells her mom to pass it on and says she wants EVERYONE in the room to say one thing they absolutely love about the bride. Not the bride and groom, not their relationship, just the bride herself. It was super awkward.

    I said "Your eyeshadow is pretty." Because I felt so awkward and wanted to perish. My older brother said "Pass" which made her force a fake laugh and urge him to say something. He ignored it and she kept insisting so he said "your parents." And passed the mic on.

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    Flirting At Your Own Wedding

    From Redditor u/Samhamwitch:

    I wasn't a guest, I was working the wedding. The bride got drunk and sat on some other dudes lap for two hours and flirted with him while the groom sat by himself at the head table with a defeated look on his face.

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    The Talking Pastor

    From Redditor u/Manatee_Ape:

    Not the groom and bride’s fault. But the pastor marrying them, talked about his marriage and his kids for 20 minutes. He was obviously going for something of showing what marriage will be like. But he full up was talking about how his daughter, Kelsey, learned to walk this way, and his other daughter’s first words were this and that. And that he and his wife make love throughout the house because that’s what you do when in love, etc.

    Bride and groom had to stand there holding hands for 20 minutes right in front of him as the other 150 of us had to listen about his s*x life and his kids.