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The Biggest Easter Eggs And Cameos From The 'Crisis On Infinite Earths' CW Crossover

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It was a given that The CW's big Arrowverse crossover Crisis On Infinite Earths was going to be brimming with Easter eggs to uncover. Thanks to the number of DC properties the episodes include, there are plenty of references and even more cameos to spot. Be sure to vote up the Crisis On Infinite Earths easter eggs you were most excited to see.

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    Ezra Miller's Flash From 'Justice League' Appears In The Speed Force

    Photo: The CW

    Most fans didn't think it was likely that anyone from the DCEU films would pop up in the CW crossover, but they managed to pull off a major surprise in the fourth episode. While Barry (Grant Gustin) is traveling through the Speed Force looking for the separated Paragons, he comes across Ezra Miller's Barry Allen in Star Labs. The two seem wildly confused, introduce themselves, and comment on how cool the other's costume is before going their separate ways.

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    Burt Ward Walks Ace The Bat-Hound On Earth-66

    Photo: The CW

    Burt Ward briefly reprises his role as Robin from the 1966 Batman TV series in the opening of Part One. He's seen walking Ace the Bat-Hound before reacting in a very Robin way to the red skies.

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    Tom Ellis Appears As Lucifer On Earth-666

    Photo: The CW

    Tom Ellis appears as Lucifer on Earth-666 (get it) when Constantine, Mia, and Diggle show up to ask for help bringing Oliver back to life. Lucifer plays the titular character in the Fox-turned-Netflix series of the same name.

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    Superman Hints That Some "Reject From Gotham" Showed Up In Metropolis

    Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

    Brandon Routh's Kingdom Come Superman reveals that Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson, Perry White, and countless other Daily Planet employees were killed years ago in an attack by "a reject from Gotham that felt like we didn't cover him enough. He played a practical joke." The attack was clearly pulled off by the Joker, and you can see the front page from the attacks in the scene where the two Supermen fight.

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