funny This Crispin Glover Interview Got Him Banned From The Late Show  

Mick Jacobs

Typically, journalists and talk show hosts love a character, because characters give you excellent quotes and entertaining sound bites. But according to the video below, Dave Letterman was far from thrilled when Crispin Glover came on his show.

Appearing on Late Night with David Letterman in 1987, Glover arrived in a state of being and mind that really rubbed Letterman the wrong way. As a result, Glover received a ban from the late night staple.

Unknown to the host or audience at the time, Glover actually intended to appear in character in preparation for a then-upcoming film. Perhaps Glover thought it would entice or amuse the audience, but it merely confused them and irritated Letterman.

Even knowing this now, do you think Crispin Glover deserved to be banned from Late Night with David Letterman? Watch the clip below to make that decision for yourself.