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19 Hilarious Memes About Crossfit That Get It Just Right

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Few people take things as seriously as Crossfitters take Crossfit, which they approach with a religious zeal on par with hypebeasts and their sneaks. To truly understand how deep this passion goes, these Crossfit memes convey the intense dedication people have to their WOD - workout of the day. Nothing, not even Crossfit horror stories, dissuades a Crossfitter from their burpees, which they will still find time to tell you about later.

Funny Crossfit memes help you better understand the type of person who engages in this form of exercise. However strenuous those workouts get, the memes about Crossfit below won't hurt anything, except maybe someone's ego. Sorry about that.

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    Work On That

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    Pain And Gain

    Photo: jpic_running / Instagram
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    The Beauty Of Crossfit

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    Crossfit Fido

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