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Terrifying CrossFit Horror Stories

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Either you're a CrossFit convert or a hater. What is it about this workout trend that seems to spark a heated debate in even your most sloth-y of pals? Is it the high amount of injury or the huge egos that come with knowing the difference between "WOD" and "RX"?

What is CrossFit? Since it's inception in 2000, CrossFit, Inc. has been promoted as an exercise philosophy and also a competitive fitness sport. A typical WOD (Workout of the Day) combines high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and powerlifting. Over 10,000 people across the nation hit their local box (CrossFit gym) for a workout they can't get anywhere else. But is CrossFit bad for you?

Fans of CrossFit rave about the changes they've seen not only in their body, but also in their minds and way of life. CrossFit critics fear that the program is too intense, and that the benefits do not outweigh the risks: extreme soreness, serious injury, and potential loss of limbs. The worst CrossFit injuries can even lead to death.

Throw on your CrossFit gear, and check out our list of CrossFit training horror stories. Then let us know which one is the most horrifying. Is it the weird, cult-like people who attend CrossFit? Or the muscle-melting risk of Rhabdomyolysis? You decide.
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    Rhabdomyolysis is more common in CrossFit than any other exercise. Essentially it's when your muscles explode and protein leaches into your blood stream. Even more terrifying than this is one of the procedures done to save limbs that are at risk of being permanently lost because of it. To save these limbs, a fasciotomy is performed. This means cutting open of the muscle's connective tissue to release swelling. Just a tip: don't do a Google image search of "fasciotomy."

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    Wrist Reconstruction

    In late April 2013 David Tao woke up after a tough arm-intensive CrossFit routine with a swollen right wrist. After four months of physical therapy and rest that did nothing to help him heal, he underwent a wrist reconstruction. He was still working on recovering his natural wrist movement in October 2013. 

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    Routine, Painful Injuries

    In the world of CrossFit, you're nothing if you're not recovering from a painful injury. A lot of CrossFitters view their injuries as badges of honor. Yup, nothing says cool like "I can't walk because I ripped my hamstring doing FRAN."

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    Ruined Marriages

    Apparently, you have to live CrossFit 24/7, and it's okay to ruin your marriage. According to this guy: "The 6th rule of crossfit is to ruin your marriage in the name of crossfit. I guess Grant’s wife did not get that memo… I think this guy is right on track. If your wife is not pointing out your awesomeness while you are posing in a mirror, she is useless. If you are not 24/7 crossfit and Paleo dieting, you are not going to be the best exerciser.... To be honest, Grant is doing her a favor by putting the sex life on hold." 
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