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Crows Do Not Forget And Definitely Don't Forgive - Welcome To Crow Court

Updated 14 May 2020 183.0k views3 items

Think Judge Judy is harsh? Wait until you experience crow court. Apparently, crows and ravens – also known as corvids, their family name – do not forget who wronged them, and they make their enemies pay the ultimate price. Welcome to crow court.

Crow justice is essentially this: if you're a bird who did one over on your fellow crow, you're about to learn your lesson the hard way. According to scientists, crows often kill other crows in what's colloquially called "crow court" (definitely not a scientific term). These spats come as a result of an intruder crow coming onto one crow's turf, or a member of the current crow crew deciding to go rogue and double cross his crowrades. 

So next time you think about messing with that "dumb" crow that lives outside your house, think again. Crow court might not be binding, but it sure looks painful.

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