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The 13 Most Heinous American Policies Towards Children And Families

When news broke in May of 2018 of the Trump administration's plans to separate children from parents at the border, then send them to detention centers and "tender age shelters" for babies and toddlers, it sparked outrage across the United States. While immigration remains one of the most important political issues in the country, many see the policy as racially motivated and a critical civil rights issue

However, Trump's zero-tolerance policy is only one in a long history of cruel American policies toward children and families. The US government has a dark history of mistreating non-white children, often on flimsy pretenses. Dating back to the racist claim that enslaved women weren't capable of mourning the loss of their children, the government has actively supported horrific policies resulting in tearing apart families. And these policies, like forcing Black children into inferior schools or rounding up Japanese Americans in internment camps, share a disturbing similarity: they nearly always target people of color.

From stealing Native American children to the "kill the Indian" philosophy to shipping American citizens to Mexico during the Depression, these are the most reprehensible official US government policies affecting families.