The Cruelest, Most Messed Up Things Gamers Have Done To Other Gamers

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Over the past decade or so, online gaming has become one of the most prominent forms of entertainment within the video game industry. Millions of players flock online to live out the virtual lives of heroes and, of course, the virtual lives of total jerks. The cruel things gamers do to each other makes one wonder why there isn't a whole industry of online assassins for hire to take them out. The many examples of online game heists prove there are those who just want to watch the virtual world burn.

These people add an extra dimension to online games that most would never consider. The world of online gaming trolls and bullies is as dark as those in the real world. But these aren't always mindless jerks who are taking a chance to cause grief. Some are sophisticated and evil planners. Here are some of the most messed up stuff gamers have done to other players.