Total Nerd The Cruelest, Most Messed Up Things Gamers Have Done To Other Gamers  

Nathan Gibson
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Over the past decade or so, online gaming has become the most prominent form of entertainment within the video game industry. Millions of players flock online to live out virtual lives of heroism and of course the direct opposite - total jerks. Mean things done in online games can be straight up evil. The cruel things gamers do to each other makes one wonder why there isn't a whole industry of online assassins for hire to take them out. The many examples of online game heists prove there are those who just want to watch the virtual world burn.

It is these people that add an extra dimension to online games that some people never consider. The world of online gaming trolls and bullies is as dark as those in the real world. They aren’t simply mindless jerks who are taking a chance to cause grief to others but can often be sophisticated and evil planners. Here is some of the most messed up stuff done in video games by players.

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A Group Raided A WoW Funeral And Massacred Everyone

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Photo:  Blizzard Entertainment

In 2006, a group of players from the Serenity Now guild decided to crash a funeral that was taking place in World of Warcraft. They had discovered the event after another guild had advertised it through the game’s official forums. It was set to commemorate the real life death of one of their members after she had died following a stroke.

The only issue was that they were holding the in-game funeral on a PvP sever, meaning it was possible for anyone to kill players in the region. This allowed the Serenity Now guild to crash the funeral and massacre everyone who was present. The dastardly plan was made even worse by the fact that no one at the event was prepared for trouble as they did not expect anyone to be so callous as to attack a group of mourning players.

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World Of Warcraft Players Intentionally Spread A Unstoppable Disease

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World of Warcraft was the backdrop for a major unintentional world event. The “corrupted blood” incident was a bug in the game that allowed a particular detrimental effect to make its way outside of the proper area. It essentially acted as a disease that would kill weaker players incredibly quickly and leave those who had a high enough level fighting to stay alive. The problem was made worse when certain players would purposely contract the disease and then travel to populated areas with the sole intention of passing it on to as many people as possible. This spreading of the virtual disease killed thousands of players and left major cities completely abandoned.

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Players Deliberately Crashed RuneScape For Others

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Photo:  Jagex

An update to the online MMO RuneScape in 2009 led to the discovery that it was possible to purposely crash another player’s client. This would force them from the game, allowing others to kill their character and steal their gear. The problem arose because the game’s public chat feature was unable to render the character “µ” and would instead cause a fatal error. This was exploited so that malicious players could turn off their text box so the issue would not affect them before going to crowded areas and sending a public message to everyone nearby.

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The Falador Massacre Killed Hundreds Of People In RuneScape

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The Falador Massacre is the name given to an event that occurred in RuneScape in 2006. When Cursed You, the first player to reach level 99 in construction, held a party to celebrate his new achievement it led to a bug that allowed certain people to kill anyone regardless of whether they were in a safe zone. The party had contained some combat events that caused the glitch and when all the players were booted from Cursed You’s home as the severs struggled to handle the load, they were released into the wild. Once players learned they could kill others who couldn’t fight back, they slaughtered almost everyone they came across over and over again.

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