29 Secrets from Aboard A Cruise Ship

Taking a cruise can be daunting for the novice seafarer. But the more you travel by cruise ship, the more secrets, shortcuts and hacks you will pick up — eventually. There are plenty of secrets most cruise lines don't want you to know; a cruise ship can be a floating cesspool if not kept clean. So what cruise ship secrets should you know before heading out to sea? This list of cruise secrets will help you sail like a pro and highlight the parts of the ship you should definitely avoid.

For those who haven’t gotten their sea legs yet, take a look at this list to make the most of your trip, learn about the best cruise ship deals onboard, and take a look behind the scenes of major cruise lines.

Should you bring alcohol aboard? When should you visit the ship’s doctor? How do you prevent seasickness? What do can you do for a little late night fun while out to sea? All these questions and more are answered below. From the largest cruise ships to small cruise ships, there's plenty the crew, and those glossy brochures, aren't telling you.

Upvote the most revealing, helpful, and sometimes startling cruise line secrets below before you set sail. A fun cruise vacation can be a great way to travel, but make sure you're educated before you go.

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    Most Cruise Ships Really Do Have A Brig

    Most Cruise Ships Really Do Have A Brig
    Photo: JeanGilbetCasanis / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

    If there's a hostile incident between guests or crew members, they try to diffuse it without physical intervention, but if that's not possible, most cruise ships have at least one cabin designated as the brig.

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    All Ships Have Room To Store Three Corpses

    All Ships Have Room To Store Three Corpses
    Photo: P.J.L Laurens / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    If someone passes while onboard, the corpse will be interred in the morgue

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    Go Exploring — They Don't Lock The Doors!

    Almost no doors on a cruise ship actually lock; they can't have locks in case of emergency. So if you're feeling curious one night, have a look around. You can explore most parts of the ship at night.

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    Beat Seasickness With Green Apples And Crackers

    Queasy? Try green apples and bland crackers — some crew members swear by this remedy. Or you can score seasickness meds from the purser's desk (the cruise ship version of a concierge) for free.

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    It Costs A Lot To Pass Through The Panama Canal

    Cruises are expensive, not only for guests, but for the cruise industry itself. To pass through the Panama Canal, ships pay per berth (or bed). For an average cruise ship, it costs approximately $300,000

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    Juice Up For The Journey To Save Some Cash

    You're almost always charged extra for soft drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails at meals, but stick to juice and you'll drink for free on most ships.

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