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Here’s Why Cruise Ship Vacations Are Much More Expensive Than They Seem

Updated 7 Aug 2018 49.6k views12 items

Cruise ship vacations don’t seem expensive. Passengers get promised a dream vacation, with lodging, meals, and entertainment included in the bargain - only to discover the real cost when the vacation ends. The rising price starts with the addition of souvenirs and premium dining fees. The other secret cruise ship costs, meanwhile, sneak up on even the most frugal and aware passengers when they receive their final bill.

Cruise ships have lost some of their allure over time. As potential passengers learn about cruise ship crimes and cruise ship disappearances, they may be more hesitant to sip that piña colada while sailing into the sunset. Many employees have even spilled shocking cruise secrets (like the mandatory room for dead bodies). And now, you can get the rundown on all the hidden fees of a cruise ship vacation.

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