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15 Great Anime For Older Audiences On Crunchyroll

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Looking for adult anime on Crunchyroll? If you love anime, you’ve probably had the question asked, “But, isn’t that for kids?” This isn’t totally uncommon and maybe not even that out of the ordinary; it’s an honest mistake considering anime does have a hefty amount of kids' shows and certainly might seem like one at a glance. However, if you’ve been diligent with the genre for a while now, you know the truth. Crunchyroll has a lot of anime series specifically made for adults that children should never be able to get their hands on.

Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime streaming sites out there. Naturally, they have a wide selection of series you can watch, including shows that are clearly meant for an older audience. We’ve found quite a few anime series you should consider adding to your watch list or maybe even showing the next person to ask that question. There's Bungo Stray Dogs, for example, or Samurai ChamplooParasyte: The Maxim is another adult anime streaming on Crunchyroll that combines intense action with a unique and thought-provoking concept - what would happen if a new predator was introduced on Earth? 

Find the best Crunchyroll anime for adults on the list below and vote it up so other readers will have great recommendations!

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    The Ancient Magus' Bride

    Chise Hatori has been damaged by the world and has no real place to call home. In an attempt to find a place to belong, she decides to sell herself at an auction. There, she is bought my a mysterious and tall man with an animal skull for a head. Elias Ainsworth seems incredibly scary but treats her well as she learns to heal in her new home, Britain.

    The story is filled with magic, love, and an incredible story about what home means for Chise.

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    Youji Itami may look like your everyday otaku, but he's actually a Japan Self-Defense Forces officer who only takes on such a job to fuel his hobbies. When a mysterious gate appears in Japan, supernatural creatures arrive in the real world. A few months after its appearance, Youji is tasked with taking a special recon group that will go beyond the portal and see what the other world is like.

    If things go bad, they may just start a conflict between two very different worlds.

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    Trinity Seven

    A "Breakdown Phenomenon" happened the day the sun stopped shining. Mass destruction was caused and people began to go missing. And yet, there is still hope because Arata Kasuga has a magical grimoire that could help him put his world back together. When a mysterious girl named Lilith Asami appears, demanding the book, Arata provides a solution they can both agree to.

    Together, they work to stop the destruction of the world. 

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  • Knowing only combat and pain since he was born, Guts started off as a lone mercenary with a horrifying reputation. When Griffith, a leader of a mercenary group, defeats Guts in a fight, he makes him join his group, "Band of the Hawk." However, when Griffith betrays their party and slays almost all of the men, Guts finds himself on a mission of revenge.

    Action, gore, and tons of broodiness, Berserk is known for being an epic of an anime.

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