WATCH Adorable Kid Continues To Dance Despite Sobbing On Stage  

Mick Jacobs

No one ever said show business is easy, and one little girl found out the hard way. In the video below, a group of students in Shijiazhuang City, China put on a performance that leaves one of the performers with tears in her eyes.

Literally, one adorable little girl in the front of the stage continues to cry through all her choreography, giving new meaning to the phrase "the show must go on." If they gave out Tony Awards for Biggest Trooper, this girl would be a shoe-in.

Even though the poor thing can't stop crying, the video is anything but sad. Rather, the fact that she keeps up with her dance moves while openly bawling on stage only makes it more entertaining to watch.

You likely won't see a better performance this year or possible ever. Watch the cute crybaby bust out her dance moves below.