So Crying Selfies Are A Thing Now

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Vote up the saddest (read: least cool) crying selfies.

While we may not all be above taking a selfie every now and then (because let's face it, sometimes you look #FIERCE and you gotta capture that ish), there's an inexplicable and confusing trend among teens to post pictures of themselves crying. Why do they do this? Probably for attention, but the REAL result of these soggy teenagers' contributions provides endless entertainment for others.

What are people hoping to gain from posting a picture of themselves crying? Maybe their ex-lover will see it and take them on a pity date. Maybe their parents will try to be more understanding with them. Maybe the kids at school will stop their bullying. Probably not, though.

At any rate, take a look at these crying selfies and rate which ones are the saddest. By which we obviously mean most uncool. Try to guess what's causing their tears - it's fun!