This Artist Redesigned Pokémon To Make Even The Most Fearsome Creatures Look Downright Adorable

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Piper Thibodeau is a traditional and digital artist who has worked as a character designer for the likes of DreamWorks TV, Nickelodeon, Intel, Sesame Street, and GameLoft. Under the name Cyptid-Creations, she produces digital artworks on platforms like DeviantArt. Piper even recently raised over $50k on Kickstarter to publish a book of the daily paintings she does.

As part of the daily art challenge that inspired her book, Cryptid-Creations began recreating some of her favorite characters in her own artistic style. It makes sense, it would be hard to come up really strong, completely original content for hundreds of days. This includes a collection of redesigned Pokemon that are definitely worth checking out.

Cryptid-Creations took even the most fearsome creatures from multiple generations and turned them into cute Pokemon redesigns. Check out some classic cuties, like Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur as well as some fan favorites like Meowth, Magmar, and Munchlax, in these adorable Pokemon redesigns.