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Cryptozoological Creatures Most Likely To Exist 

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You've heard their names before in movies and documentaries...perhaps even more times than actual creatures who we have bones for. Trackers have spent their whole lives in the pursuit of authenticating their existence. Others you could argue simply have a loony community of followers that rally around blurry footage and pictures which are really someone's idea of a practical joke. The question is, how do many well-known cryptids rank in believability?
Orang Pendek

Similar to Sasquatch, the Orang Pendek is a bipedal, fur-covered humanoid creature said to wander the forest that has been allegedly spotted by Natives and Western travelers alike in Sumatra.

The Orang Pendek is said to be approximately four feet tall and very graceful, and the remote location of its supposed habitat makes it a legend that is not thoroughly critiqued by the scientific community. Some believe it is an undiscovered species of Orangutan, while others believe it is a primitive human.

No matter what its biological origins are, the Orang Pendek continues to be sighted in Southeast Asia.


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The Kraken is a legendary sea monster said to be more than a mile across, with many tentacles that it can use to wrap itself around a ship and pull it to the bottom of the sea. There are terrifying stories of the Kraken capsizing ships and drowning passengers from as far back as the twelfth century, usually of Norwegian origin.

Some believe that the Kraken is actually a misidentification of the smaller but still formidable giant squid. Other elements of the Kraken's powers, such as the ability to create powerful currents, are attributed to volcanic activity in the Icelandic region. Though the existence of the Kraken is uncertain, it is a very real cultural relic; referenced in literary and artistic works for hundreds of years, a popular rum brand is now named after the terrifying creature.

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The legend of Sasquatch is one of the most prolific tales in North America. For centuries, people have been claiming that they caught a glimpse of the bipedal humanoid creature wandering the wilderness. Also known as "Bigfoot," the stories of the fur-covered Sasquatch originated in Native American cultures throughout the continent. Sasquatch are alleged to be 7 to 9 feet with inhuman strength, and are believed to communicate through primal grunts and noises.

The still frame shot of what is alleged to be Bigfoot in the 1967 "Patterson" short film is one of the most iconic images of the twentieth century, and there are thousands of adamant believers who, with or without alleged evidence, are convinced that Bigfoot exists and still wanders the wilderness. There is even a Sasqutch Genome Project, led by Dr. Melba Ketchum, that seeks to scientifically prove the existence of Sasquatch.

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The Yeti, a bipedal, humanoid creature, is said to live in the mountains of Nepal. It is much like the legend of the Bigfoot adapted for the Himalayas, but is supposedly shorter than the North American Bigfoot, usually described at around 6 feet.

 Another similarity is the prolific nature of sightings. In 1986, a hiker in the Himalayas saw a strange creature leaving odd prints in the snow. He took pictures of the creature that have been proven undoctored. While no physical proof of the Yeti exists, the lack of evidence has only strengthened the theory of believers that Yeti are incredibly shy and elusive creatures.

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