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Give Yourself A Magical Makeover With These Crystal-Infused Products  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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Gone are the days of calling crystal-loving ladies and gents weird or woo-woo. Crystals are finally mainstream, and they find their way into the cultural zeitgeist in more ways than one. You can now buy crystals at your local Urban Outfitters, get crystal massages, and even wear crystal-infused makeup. 

Beauty products infused with crystals might seem strange at first, but think about it. What’s more naturally iridescent and radiant than a crystal? Of course you’d want to put some of that magic on your face! On top of that, each crystal is said to have different healing properties. By wearing makeup with crystals in it, you can absorb all kinds of positive energy.

Intrigued? Of course you are. Now you can discover crystal makeup and skincare products that will make your makeup routine that much more magical.

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Made with crushed tourmaline, this face mask from Herbivore Botanicals does more than just brighten your skin. It also brighten the spirit by promoting happiness and reducing fear, just two of tourmaline's many properties. 


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Glossier's Haloscope highlighters are infused with crystal extracts for all-day wear and all-day enlightenment. Grab Topaz to get a sun-kissed glow and a side of joy and good health. 


Open your third eye and take care of your under-eyes with Shiva Rose's Blue Crystal Eye Cream. It's activated with azurite, which cleanses the third eye chakra and enhances intuition. 


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When used regularly, Wild Medicine's cleanser gives insight, compassion, energy, excitement, and joy. So yeah, why wouldn't you want to lather up with this titanium quartz soap every day? Plus, once you use it up, you've got a shiny new crystal to add to your collection.