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The 18 Funniest Memes About Crystals To Give You Only Good Vibes

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When your third eye refuses to open or your chakras fail to align, a few humorous crystal memes might help loosen you up. While not quite as powerful as actual crystals, humorous memes about crystals give off enough positive energy to sate you until you return home to your crystal hoard. Using crystals emerged in recent years as a form of holistic healing, with many believing substances such as quartz, amethyst, and tiger's eye produce vibrations and auras that contribute to self-improvement. Some products even come with crystals in them.

For many people, charging your crystals and carrying them in your pockets, backpacks, or wallets provides them with a source of power - one that apparently comes at a high cost. Thankfully, crystal memes and jokes come at a much lower cost and don't require any additional charging.

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    The Cost Of Good Chakra

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    Amethyst Ammo

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    What A Witch Wants

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    Introducing The Crystal Fighters

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