The Best Cuba Gooding Jr. Movies

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With nearly 1,500 votes cast by movie fans, this list of the best Cuba Gooding Jr. movies is a testament to his incredible acting range and talent. From dramatic performances in films like American Gangster and Selma to lighthearted turns in comedies such as Jerry Maguire and Boat Trip, Cuba Gooding Jr. has been thrilling audiences for decades with his impressive body of work.

In addition to his Oscar-winnin roles in Jerry Maguire (1996) and his breakthrough performance in Boyz N The Hood (1991), Cuba Gooding Jr.'s filmography includes plenty of other iconic titles that have stood the test of time. Fans love him for his comedic timing, ranging from broad physical humor seen in Rat Race (2001) to more subtle character-driven moments found throughout As Good as It Gets (1997). His ability to inhabit both fierce villains and lovable heroes makes him an invaluable asset on any set he graces.

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