15 Travelers Share The Biggest Culture Shock They Ever Experienced

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Travelers: vote up the cultural differences that would have shocked you.

Traveling the world means you are going to meet new people and have new experiences, and probably stumble into some big culture shocks. If you are thinking of going around the globe then we encourage you to read these culture shock stories to prep for your trip. Vote up your favorites! 

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    People In Suits Pack The Trains At 1am In Japan

    From Redditor u/arainbowpony:

    Went to Japan. The first night at 1 AM in the metro and it was loaded with people in suits and other formal clothing looking completely exhausted almost falling asleep on each other's laps, just an ordinary day for Tokyo people.

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    Japanese Convenience Stores Are Weirdly Awesome

    From Redditor u/Anodracs:

    The sheer awesomeness of Japanese convenience stores. My local 7-11 has sticky floors and doubtful-looking packaged sandwiches. The 7-11s in Japan is clean, well-lit, have a great selection of lunch/dinner prepackaged meals, and not only do they have a cold drink section, but they also have a special heated unit for hot drinks. When I saw all the technological innovations in Japan, I felt like I came from a third-world country.

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    Children Took Control Of the Bridge In Philippines

    From Redditor u/rmansd619:

    Went to the Philippines.

    On the trip from the airport, a group of homeless children took control of a bridge and demanded payment for people crossing it. People actually paid too.

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    Beer Is Cheaper Than Water In The Czech Republic

    From Redditor u/capix1:

    How much people drink beer in the Czech Republic. You cannot get a nonalcoholic drink in a bar cheaper than a beer. And then I looked it up and low and behold, the Czech's have the highest beer consumption in the whole world.

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    Everyone In Denmark Is Ridiculously Good Looking

    From Redditor u/TwoHeadedCactus:

    My cousin and I went to Denmark a few years back. Everyone there is good-looking they all had good fashion and sense of style. It was ridiculous!

    It got to a point where we played a game to find an "ugly"/dressed-down person. Couldn't find anyone for a solid 2 hours, and we were in the heart of downtown Copenhagen.

    It made me want to live there because everyone is beautiful, but also did not want to live there because I'd feel pressured to appear my best 24/7. Sometimes I like wearing comfy, nonfashionable clothes when I run errands.

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    Children In Thailand Didn't Know What Snow Was

    From Redditor u/chocolate_soymilk:

    I visited a school in a tiny village in the north Thailand mountains once. During a Q&A with the class, one of the children asked me what the weather was like in my country - I told him it was snowing. There was a little murmur in the classroom, then the teacher said, 'The children would like you to elaborate on this "snow"'. They had zero concepts of ice from the sky! Some of them may never see snow but it was cool to explain that to them.