16 Cultures Around The World Where Dogs Are Part Of The Cuisine

Whether it's religious, cultural, or just a long-standing tradition, foods made with dog meat are still served in many countries worldwide. From soups to just the meat, some cultures that eat dog meat rely on this source of nourishment just as other cultures lean on beef and pork as a staple of their cuisine.

In Western cultures, consuming dog meat is frowning upon. To tell the truth, people who eat dog meat are often shamed or scorned for their dietary choices. Because of this, it might seem horrifying that dog meat dishes are the norm in other countries, but that doesn't change the fact that different cultures have different norms. Raising cattle on grains in factory farms, while common in America, is apalling to many other cultures around the globe, for example.

Whether you can accept people who eat dogs meat or not, you have to admit the concept is kind of morosely fascinating. So, let's take a look at different ways that dog meat is eaten around the world.