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The Best Flavors of Cupcakes

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You're in the mood for dessert, but you don't want to fill up on a big slice of cake or a double scoop of ice cream. The sweet solution? The cupcake, a miniature treat that packs a giant dose of decadent flavor. There are types of cupcakes for every type of appetite, from the light and fruity to the rich and chocolate-filled. When you factor in all the different kinds of frostings, buttercreams, and ganaches pastry chefs can whip up to top the little cakes, it becomes quite a task to decide on the best type of cupcake.

What cupcake varieties will you find on this mouthwatering list? Perhaps you're a fan of the classics. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry cupcakes have been dessert case staples for generations. Maybe you like hints of savory flavors with your sweet. Salted caramel cupcakes could be just the snack you're craving. Or maybe you're a true fan of all types of sweet treats. Many good cupcake flavors are inspired by other desserts, like blueberry cheesecake and Oreo cookies.

Which cupcake types are the very best? It's up to you to decide. Vote your favorite cupcake varieties up to the top of this list by giving them a thumbs up, and add any sweet desserts that are missing.