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Who doesn't have a favorite 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' quote? The HBO show, now in its eighth season, is incredibly quotable. Thanks to Larry David and his clever mind, we've been given a great gift: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' quotes galore. From rants about religion to downright insulting comments about women (made, of course, by Larry, but also by several of his 'Curb' co-stars), this show contains some of the best quotes around. Behold, some of the funniest, most memorable 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' quotes. Don't see your favorite? Feel free to add it to the list! Please do - we want more!
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Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

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Larry: "I'm feeling pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good."

Larry is trying pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty hard to convince his psychiatrist he's feeling good enough to leave therapy. How very (very, very, very) convincing...
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Get in that A**

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Leon: "When a man calls you a f**king f*ggot, you get in that ass Larry, you know what i mean? You get in that ass Larry!"
Larry: "What are you talking about?"
Leon: "You let a man slide today, you must immediately get inside somebody's ass when that happens to you. You pull the asshole open, step into the asshole, close the door behind you. Then you take a spray can right, spray Larry was here, wash me all that s**t, f**k his whole asshole up. Get a snickers bar, paper, throw that on the floor, f**k his whole asshole up. Then you open up that asshole one more time, step out his ass, then leave that motherf**ker wide open so he know you've been there."

Leon, ever the wise one, offers some sage advice to Larry about dealing with jerks in life. You don't just kick their ass - oh no. You crawl INTO it and mess stuff up even more.
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The Stop and Chat

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Jeff: Why didn't you say 'hello' to him? You know him.
Larry: "He wanted to do a 'stop and chat,' I didn't want to do a 'stop and chat.'
Jeff: "Stop and chat? Where do you come up with these things, stop and chat?"
Larry: "He wanted to stop and chat with me - and I don't know him well enough for a stop and chat."

Ah, the stop and chat. Who hasn't been there? The 'stop and chat' can be downright painful - Larry avoids it at all costs.
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Larry Jew

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Larry: "You're black and your last name is Black? That's like if my name was Larry Jew."

Larry's little "joke" is completely lost on the Black family - thankfully. So thankfully.
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