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Curb Your Enthusiasm Quotes

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Who doesn't have a favorite 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' quote? The HBO show, now in its eighth season, is incredibly quotable. Thanks to Larry David and his clever mind, we've been given a great gift: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' quotes galore. From rants about religion to downright insulting comments about women (made, of course, by Larry, but also by several of his 'Curb' co-stars), this show contains some of the best quotes around. Behold, some of the funniest, most memorable 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' quotes. Don't see your favorite? Feel free to add it to the list! Please do - we want more!
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    Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

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    Larry: "I'm feeling pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good."

    Larry is trying pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty hard to convince his psychiatrist he's feeling good enough to leave therapy. How very (very, very, very) convincing...
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    The Stop and Chat

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    Jeff: Why didn't you say 'hello' to him? You know him.
    Larry: "He wanted to do a 'stop and chat,' I didn't want to do a 'stop and chat.'
    Jeff: "Stop and chat? Where do you come up with these things, stop and chat?"
    Larry: "He wanted to stop and chat with me - and I don't know him well enough for a stop and chat."

    Ah, the stop and chat. Who hasn't been there? The 'stop and chat' can be downright painful - Larry avoids it at all costs.
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    Vanilla Bulls**t Things

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    Larry: "I'll have a vanilla... one of the vanilla bulls**t things. You know, whatever you want, some vanilla bulls**t latte, cappa thing. Whatever you got - I don't care."

    Who hasn't wanted to say this to their local barista at one point or another? Maybe not exactly this way - but Larry David once again manages to tap into our frustrations with this classic quote.
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    Gigantic Vagina

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    Jeff: "No, no, no."
    Larry: "Big vagina?"
    Jeff: "Gigantic vagina."
    Larry: "What?"
    Jeff: "Biggest vagina known to man. It's huge."
    Larry: "You're kidding me, are you telling me the truth?"
    Jeff: "It's gigantic."

    Definitely need a little context with this: Jeff's ego took a huge blow when his ex claimed he had a small penis. So, to soothe said bruised ego, Jeff tells Larry that the ex's vagina was...well, cavernous.
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