Curly Haired Cats Are The Internet's Latest Obsession

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Internet cat memes, like the business cat or the depressed cat, have been one of the web's favorite obsessions since its inception. Going hand-in-hand with amazing cat memes are also photos of curly haired cats. Pictures of cute curly haired cats, who look kind of like the labradoodles of kitty kind, have taken the Internet by storm. Here, you'll see exactly why as you feast your eyes on some of the most adorable curly cat photos ever caught on film.

The questions on many people's minds are, where did all these frizzy little guys come from? Where have they been hiding all these years? The answer is actually pretty cool - these cats are a breed known as the Selkirk Rex, which was discovered in 1987 near the Selkirk mountains. No, owners did not give all these cats perms. Them curls are natural. Check out the cutest curly cats below and vote the ones who rock their frizz like Madonna.