Current Action TV Series You Wish You Were A Character On

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Only action TV shows currently airing new episodes.

With the exception of sitcoms, action TV shows would probably have to be the best type of television to be a character on. Packed with... well, action, these TV shows look fun in most imaginable ways—despite being in front of a green screen for some scenes. Other than that, imagine being securely harnessed, performing crazy stunts like kicking a bad guy Charlie's Angels style. In short, most of you out there likely have an action TV series you wish you were a character on—we all do. 

Given the choice, which action show would you like to be a part of? From top superhero TV series like The Flash to sci-fi style stuff such as The Walking Dead, essentially any action show would be fun and interesting. Maybe you'd rather be patrolling the streets of 1900s Birmingham, England, in Peaky Blinders. When it comes to hypothetical situations, the choice is always yours.

Have an idea of which TV shows you wish you were on? Check out the list below and vote up your favorites. Feel free to add any current action shows not on the list. 

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