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The Most Hardcore Female Characters on Current TV Shows

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List RulesNot just the best characters; vote up the truly badass women from any TV show airing (or expected to air) new episodes.

Let’s get right down to the most badass female TV characters gracing your screen right now in 2016-2017. So many new shows are putting badass women on TV where they shoot, shop, curse, stab, arrest, investigate, hack, rule, and facelessly get revenge on their enemies all while zinging out razor-sharp dialogue. These ladies are not here to be saved as some sort of damsel furniture and serve a weak plotline. Nope. These female TV badasses don’t need to be rescued. In fact, hang on, they’re coming to save YOU right now. 

Across cable, network, and streaming there are tons of female badasses on TV now. They’re playing leads, carrying ratings, and breaking up those old ideas about badass girl TV characters. To be clear, we’re not talking about the best female characters so much as we’re talking about the most badass. She’s got a mission and she’s going to do it, even if she has to make an exit where someone is standing. Or she’ll just swoop down with her dragon and burn your stronghold down. That’s the kind of female TV badasses we’re talking about. 

Who are the most awesome women on current shows? Cookie Lyon on Empire? Helena or another one of the clones on Orphan Black? Eleven from Stranger Things? Taystee on Orange Is the New Black? Darlene on Mr. Robot? Or do you prefer Dom or Whiterose from the same show? Carol or Michonne from The Walking Dead? Dany, Cersei, or Arya from Game of Thrones

There are a lot of current badass TV characters to choose from. But why choose? Vote up all the ladies who really don't need your help, thanks.