The Best Current TV Shows the Whole Family Can Enjoy

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This list of family-friendly TV shows will help parents and their children find all kinds of television series that everyone can watch together. With all the crudeness on television for adults and all of the cheesiness on television for kids, these family friendly TV shows strike a nice balance for audiences of all ages. People can stream or watch any show on this list because they are all current, appropriate for everyone, and expected to return for more seasons. Current shows to watch as a family are hard to find these days. 

Luckily this list includes the Disney shows that adults actually enjoy, the network sitcoms that are appropriate for kids, and harmless but fun reality shows that are entertaining for all. Some of the educational programming can be just as intriguing for adults.

Current shows for families are often centered around families, while other family friendly TV shows are centered around parenting. Family television also includes a variety of live action series like The Goldbergs, LEGO Masters, and Young Sheldon.

Which TV shows does your family love? Vote up the best family programming below, and see where the shows you love to watch as a family rank.


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