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The Best Recent HBO Series You Can Still Catch Up On

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Currently running shows with fewer than 3 seasons to watch.

Given that HBO lost the biggest hit it had ever had in 2019 with Game of Thones, the cable network is still doing pretty strong. Post-Thrones has seen the launch of some massive hits for HBO that have gotten audiences talking like never before. These recent HBO shows, that are still in their infancy and thus easy enough to catch up on, are the ones to keep an eye out for and start watching before it's too late; because the bandwagon is already moving and it's due to get full real soon.

These new HBO shows you need to watch are as diverse and varied as anything HBO has had before them, and there's something for everyone in their current slate. Sure, main character deaths and dragons were a pretty big deal, but the way Euphoria was dissected by audiences of all ages this past summer made it must-watch-TV. Meanwhile, the twists and turns of Succession seemed to be all anyone was gushing over on Sunday nights, and the modern day family drama seems poised to clean up at the Emmys in 2020. And don't forget Watchmen and His Dark Materials, which are just kicking off and attempting to lure Game of Thrones fans back to HBO. 

From comedy to drama to ridiculously funny dramas and darkly dramatic comedies, there's a recent HBO series on this list for everyone. Whether you binge them in a day or take your time until next season, it's a good bet that at least some of these shows will become your next big obsession once you catch up.

Photo: Succession / HBO