Current Real Housewives: Best to Worst

Ranked from Best to Worst, here are all the women who currently star on The Real Housewives of Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, PotomacSalt Lake City, and Miami. Upvote your favorites Housewives, downvote the Housewives you don't like, and re-rank the whole list.

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  • Sutton Stracke

    Sutton Stracke

    Since S10 "Anyone who doubts my exquisite manners can kiss my exquisite derriére."

  • Garcelle Beauvais

    Garcelle Beauvais

    Since S10 "If you want a starring role in my life, you better drop the attitude."

  • Since S3 "Just like New York City, Sonja Morgan never goes out of style."

  • Margaret Josephs

    Margaret Josephs

    Since S8 "I say, when you have nothing to hide there is nothing to lose."

  • Since S1 "Of all my vices, being glamorous is one I’ll never give up."

  • Heather Gay

    Heather Gay

    Since S1 "I was raised a Mormon, but now, I'm raising a glass of champagne."

  • Since S1 "I may say the wrong thing, but my intentions are always right."

  • Since S2 "A little Kandi always helps sweeten the tea."

  • Shannon Storms Beador

    Shannon Storms Beador

    Since S9 “This Storms has found her sunshine, and the future is looking bright.” 

  • Alexia Echevarria

    Alexia Echevarria

    Since S1 "My life is like a movie. And the award for Best Drama goes to? Me."

  • Lisa Barlow

    Lisa Barlow

    Since S1 "You don't have to like me. I love myself enough for the both of us."

  • Kenya Moore

    Kenya Moore

    S5 to S10, Back Since S12 "If you don’t like my shade, then step out of my shadow!"

  • Shereé Whitfield

    Shereé Whitfield

    S1 to S4, S8 to 10, Back since S14 "Call me a bad server, because I always spill the tea."

  • Gizelle Bryant

    Gizelle Bryant

    Since S1 "The secret to this pretty face is staying in the shade."

  • Ashley Darby

    Ashley Darby

    Since S1 "The only thing messier than two boys is me."

  • Karen Huger

    Karen Huger

    Since S1 "The Grande Dame can never be duplicated, imitated or intimidated."

  • Julia Lemigova

    Julia Lemigova

    Since S4 "Life is like tennis: You can win at singles, but doubles is always more fun."

  • Since S5 "My lips are legendary, and they will never gloss over the truth."

  • Mary Cosby

    Mary Cosby

    Since S1 "If you come for me, I will send Jesus after you."

  • Jennifer Aydin

    Jennifer Aydin

    Since S9 "My nose may be new, but I can still smell a rat."

  • Jen Shah

    Jen Shah

    Since S1 "The only thing I'm guilty of is being Shah-mazing."

  • Guerdy Abraira

    Guerdy Abraira

    Since S4 "Darling, I don't just plan the party, I am the party."

  • Nicole Martin

    Nicole Martin

    Since S4 "I might be a doctor, but don't test my patience."

  • Marlo Hampton

    Marlo Hampton

    Since S14

  • Gina Kirschenheiter

    Gina Kirschenheiter

    Since S13 “I've still got a small house, but I'm livin' large!”