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Reality television can be a weird thing. In many cases, being the star of a reality TV show puts the stars under heavy scrutiny—not to mention the invasion of privacy. That is what they signed up for, though. Nevertheless, plenty of people are constantly answering casting calls to be the next rising reality star—whether that involves being yelled at in the kitchen by super-chef Gordon Ramsey or surviving naked on an island for three weeks. All things considered, there's likely a range of TV shows you wish you were on.

Of course, not all reality shows are unapologetic dreck. You have Shark TankThe VoiceDeadliest Catch, and so many others. Opinions aside, starring on a reality TV show would have to be a blast—no matter the type of show that is. So, if you're ready to invest in the next best invention with Kevin Harrington or take a vacation with the cast of Jersey Shore, this list of reality series you want to be a part of is just for you!

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