Current Sci-Fi Shows You Wish You Were A Character On

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Only TV sci-fi shows currently airing new episodes.

From comedies to dramas, every one has daydreamed about being on their favorite TV shows. When it comes to the current sci-fi shows on TV, there's plenty we'd all wish to be a character on. What is it that makes us want to be on the series so bad? Perhaps the idea of discovering new life forms or fending off robots seems like a blast. Or maybe being a scientist is really where we want to be in life. Regardless, we've all had that feeling. 

So, which sci-fi TV series would you want to be a part of? Anyone can admit Stranger Things would be an absolute blast. And just think of the things you could do visiting Westworld. No matter your science-fiction interests and aspirations, there's certainly a show for you. Aliens, robots, space travel, you name it!

Check out the list of current sci-fi shows below and vote up the ones you'd have the most fun being a character on. Of course, you can also down vote shows, as well as add any that aren't on the list—just keep it current.

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