Sci-Fi Shows You Should Be Watching Now

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Few TV genres are as tricky to get right as the science-fiction series. However, this also allows for there to be an unlimited number of sci-fi shows with different tones, scopes, and stories depending on the platform they're coming from - be it a big-budget network smash hit, or a smaller and more intimate cable series. There are some excellent current sci-fi shows on television - but which do you think are the best?

It's time to pick the best sci-fi shows on television right now - those you think everyone should be watching. These are sci fi TV shows or sci fi series that voters have agreed are the best of the genre - at least for the current crop (we all know Battlestar Galactica would outrank them all!). However, new sci-fi shows like The Mandalorian and Upload might quickly climb up the list. 

Check out this list of the best sci-fi shows on television right now and vote up the good current science fiction shows you think deserve the top spots. Whether you prefer a modern iteration of the classic Star Trek franchise, or an anthology series for the ages, if it's a great sci-fi airing now, you'll find it below.