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Sci-Fi Shows You Should Be Watching Now

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Few TV genres are as tricky to get right as the science-fiction series. However, this also allows for there to be an unlimited number of sci-fi shows with different tones, scopes, and stories depending on the platform they're coming from - be it a big-budget network smash hit, or a smaller and more intimate cable series. There are some excellent current sci-fi shows on television - but which do you think are the best?

It's time to pick the best sci-fi shows on television right now - those you think everyone should be watching. These are sci fi TV shows or sci fi series that voters have agreed are the best of the genre - at least for the current crop (we all know Battlestar Galactica would outrank them all!). However, new sci-fi shows like Timeless and Lost In Space might quickly climb up the list. 

Check out this list of the best 2020 sci-fi shows on television right now and vote up the good current science fiction shows you think deserve the top spots. Whether you prefer an epic story of sister clones fighting to survive, or an anthology series for the ages, if it's a great sci-fi airing now, you'll find it below.

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