The Best Current Shows That Deal With Millennial Stuff

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Right now, hardly any other demographic has as much influence on the success of TV shows and movies like the millennials do, and because of that fact (which is either a sad one or a happy one depending on what age group you're in), we're beginning to see more and more TV shows popping up that seem tailor-made for the millennial demographic. Born between 1981 and 1996, millennials are older than you think - the true youngsters are Generation Z.

In fact, some of the best content in the TV world right now is made for millennials. So with that in mind, why not rank the best shows for millennials that are on television or currently offering new episodes via some kind of streaming platform right now? The best television for millennials features themes such as striking out on one's own without the help of your parents (except that they pay your phone bill), navigating the tricky professional world (while remaining your quirky-cool self!), and finding love in all the wrong places (the Internet). Some of the best millennial TV shows even delve into existentialism, the dadaist humor used to balance despair and the tightrope of being in your late twenties to early thirties with an entry-level job (that you had to have five years of experience for).

Without any further ado, here are the best current TV shows for young people ("TV for millennials," if you will) going around right now, from both the popular TV shows for young people to even the most unknown, niche series you might not have even heard of yet (wow, are you even trying to be cool?). Vote up the best of the best that tackle life as a millennial and all its crazy twists and turns.


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