The Best Current Shows That Deal with Race Relations

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Throughout history, television has reflected what is going on in society. Currently, there is no more volatile issue than race relations and these are the best TV shows of that deal with race, ranked according to your votes.

Most of the programs on this list are not just about race. Shows like Atlanta and Fresh Off The Boat, are primarily comedies or sitcoms, however, they feature themes or prominent episodes where race is explored. They may offer a hilarious half hour of television, but more importantly, they explore everything from microagressions to the wide generation gap between immigrants from poor countries juxtaposed with their American-raised, affluent children.

There are also shows on this list that explore racism as their main focus. The ABC anthology show American Crime centers on race, class, and gender within the biased American legal system. Of course, The People vs. O.J. Simpson, a fictionalized detailed deconstruction of the trial of the century, also revolves around race. The defense knew that in order to win an un-winnable case, they had to make the trail singularly about racial prejudice and injustice.

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