Current Singers You Most Wish You Could Sound Like

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Only individual singers (no bands) who have released a new album in the past three years.

Do you ever listen to your favorite singers and wish you could sound like that? Maybe you drive in your car, turn the music so loud you can't hear your own voice, and tell yourself that you sound exactly like Adele while you're singing along. Or maybe you lip sync to the latest Drake while you're on a run and convince yourself that you're just as good as the child star turned rapper. It sounds silly, but we've all been there. Who doesn't, on occasion, entertain a fantasy in which they're as talented as their favorite musicians? 

Okay, you probably aren't going to sound like the singers with the best voices. If you sounded like Alicia Keyes or Sam Smith, you'd probably have an agent already. But some of the best current singers - like Bjork, Kendrick Lamar, or Devendra Banhart - don't even technically have great voices. They are just unique and memorable, which makes sounding like them feel like a less undoable feat. You could be unique and memorable too, right? 

Who are the singers you wish you could sound like? If you could pick any current singer and switch singing voices with them for a day, who would it be? Vote up your favorites and add anyone that you don't see on the list below. And if you like this game, go over and vote on the rock stars or hip hop artists you wish you could sound like too.

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