Current Superhero Shows You Wish You Were A Character On

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Only TV comic book shows currently airing new episodes.

At some point in all of our lives, we've wished we were a superhero from a comic book. Similarly, we've all probably pictured ourselves on a superhero TV show, fighting crime, flying around, and hanging at the base. Of course, there's plenty of us more interested in taking on the villain character, as some of the best characters are villains. Either way,  there's surely a specific superhero show you wish you could be a part of. And the super powers; we can't forget the super powers—as that's the best part of being a superhero. 

So, with such a long list of current superhero shows to choose from, which ones would be the most fun to be on? Perhaps you're the poetic type and want Larry Trainor's Negative Spirit. On the other hand, wouldn't it be awesome to have the incredible speed of the Flash? You see, there's a great deal of options—so which show would you want to be on?

Check out the list of current superhero shows and vote up those you'd want to be a character on. You can also add any comic book shows you don't see on the list—just be sure they're current.