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Current TV Superheroes With The Dumbest Looking Costumes

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Given the huge amount of Marvel and DC shows on TV these days, not every costume will be a winner. Live action superhero costumes are hard to pull off, meaning occasional design fumbles are understandable. However, some fashion faux pas really phone it in. Below, you'll find all the bad costumes from current superhero shows. 

Some of the most ridiculous superhero costumes area so over-the-top they look like cosplay fails. Does The Flash's Captain Cold really need that ridiculous parka, for example? Other bad superhero costumes are just plain dull. Medusa from Inhumans, for instance, is basically just wearing a dress. She looks more suited for an Oscar after party than an epic fight scene. 

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    Elongated Man

    Photo: Bonanza Productions / The CW
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