Current TV Characters You Would Want to Be BFFs With

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Out of every character currently on TV (including shows that are on break, but will return) - vote up those you could you see yourself actually being BFFs with.

Friendship has its privileges. If we’re lucky enough, we all have that one special friend who we can rely on to get us both into and out of trouble. But imagine if your best friend was the Mother of Dragons or the President of the United States. This list features current TV characters of 2016-2017 you'd be BFFs with.

Each television character on this list brings their own special set of assets. Some are relatable TV characters, pals like the girls from Broad City. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Abbi and Illana for a New York City day of chilling? Others on this list can bring us to places we’ve never been before. Imagine having dinner at Downton Abbey with the Crawley family. Lady Mary may seem a bit chilly to some, but she’s proven to be trustworthy and generous, to both her friends and her family.

If we were best friends with Francis Underwood, sure we’d have to watch our backs. However, fancy White House dinners with celebrities and powerful world leaders sound intriguing enough to brush over the fact that President Underwood is a lying murderer. Besides, isn’t it better to have a person like Underwood as a friend rather than an enemy?

Just in case you do get yourself into trouble with the likes of a Bart Simpson or Tyrion Lannister, imagine the value of having Alicia Florrick as a best friend. Has she ever lost a courtroom case?

Make your voice heard and vote up the current TV characters you'd be friends with, IRL. Or, if your TV character dream best friend isn't yet listed, add him or her for others to vote as well!

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