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Current TV Characters You Would Hire

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List RulesCharacters should be actually good at whatever jobs they do and in current shows (on TV or streaming and either in season or expected to return).

The current TV characters you'd hire are all ranked here on this list of employable fictional people. Ever watch a television show and think, "Hey, that character is really good at their job!" For instance, Phil Dunphy from Modern Family considers himself one of the best real estate agents around. That confidence goes a long way! TV characters who are good at their jobs range from tough police officers like Mike Biggs on Mike and Molly to inspiring teachers like the grown-up Cory Matthews on Girl Meets World.

TV characters who are good employees also include detectives like David Duchovny's character on Aquarius and OB/GYNs like Mindy Kaling's character on The Mindy Project. Whether it's your favorite current sitcom or your favorite current drama, television characters who are successful in their careers or have a passion for the gig are all listed here. Just think of Jared Dunn from HBO's Silicon Valley, played by Zach Woods, who is extremely loyal to his startup company and also has innovation of his own.

From the Selina Meyers administration to the Frank Underwood administration, characters from both the VEEP White House and the House of Cards White House are listed here because of their devotion and talent in the workplace. And who wouldn't want Olivia Pope from Scandal cleaning up our messes?

Which of these current TV show characters of 2016-2017 do you think is best at their job and would be able to hold their own in a real world work environment? Cast your votes below and be sure to add any other talented and skilled television characters, provided they are on a current show (network or streaming) and you think they'd make a great addition to just about any team of professionals.