Current TV Comedies You Wish You Were A Character On

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We all have those TV shows we wish to be a part of, and even more so, we'd all love to be in on a hit comedy. Whether it be a handsome bachelor, a successful entrepreneur, or even a rich housewife you'd want to fill the role for, we can all admit any comedy would have to be a blast—even simply voice acting. Maybe it's not even a specific character you'd like to be, but more or less just enjoying the scenes around you and hanging behind the scenes with the rest of the cast. Take the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for instance. Who wouldn't want to hang out with the gang and watch that hilariousness ensue? 

No matter your fictional fantasies, every one has that special TV comedy they're just dying to be a part of. From voicing your favorite character to being the star of the show, the hypothetical choice is yours. 

Check out the list of TV comedies below and vote up the shows you wish to be a character on. Notice one of the best current sitcoms isn't on the list? Feel free to add it! Just pay mind to the list criteria.

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