Current TV Dramas You Wish You Were A Character On

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Only TV dramas currently airing new episodes.

At some point when watching TV throughout the day, every one envisions themselves as a character on their favorite show. In the case of current TV dramas, there's a broad range of shows that would surely be a blast to be a character on. Whether one thinks they're dramatic enough to mesh with the rest of the cast, or they just want to be on the show for no good reason, most people have had that same feeling. 

From the ever-popular Blacklist to the always-intriguing NCIS, there's a long list of dramas out there. Maybe you see yourself as a great possible companion on Dr. Who. Or would you be a better fit slaying zombies and securing hideouts in The Walking Dead? Whatever drama you wish you were a part of, just know you're not alone in dreaming. 

Vote up the TV dramas you'd most like to be a character on below, and down vote any that aren't as appealing. If a current show is missing, go ahead and add it to the list.