The Best Current TV Shows About Aliens
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The Best Current TV Shows About Aliens

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Extraterrestrials continue to captivate the public and the best current alien shows on television range in terms of tone, style, and genre. Some of the best new alien series are dramatic series about alien attacks while other good current shows about extraterrestrials are lighthearted shows set in outer space. Some fan-favorite alien TV shows airing now are reboots of classic series and even cartoon shows deal with aliens. 

What will you find on this list of the best current alien TV shows? Doctor Who is a long-running show about a TARDIS traveling Time Lord combating alien foes, and although the Doctor looks like a regular (if fashionable) human, Time Lords are still an ancient race of extraterrestrial people. Another alien among us is in Resident Alien, where a hapless interstellar traveller ends up as a small town doctor. Other good current shows featuring aliens include Star Trek: Picard, The Orville, and Visitors.


There are a lot of great shows about aliens, so it's hard to pick just one as the best of the best. Vote your favorite current alien shows to the top of the list to help other fans find new faves.

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